+29 Yearly Experience

Since 1995, we have built quality buildings that add value to life.

At the point we have reached today, we are happy to have reached a YALÇINLAR brand with all its suppliers and customers, acting with the belief that individual successes will turn into corporate successes, believing in the use of information and technology at a global level, putting the quality of life of people first.

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We will continue to touch life with the same energy and enthusiasm, with our vision of real estate development that shapes city life, our constantly developing and growing customer profile, and our mission to be the locomotive of the sector in the light of our experiences.


In addition to our expertise and technical know-how, we have gained a prestigious place in the contracting sector thanks to our ethical, principled and transparent working principles. We are pleased to share every stage of our projects in this direction.


Articles From Us

06 April 2024

SERA PLUS Son Kat Betonu Döküldü

Yalçınlar İnşaat'ın Konya Beyşehir Caddesi'nde bulunan, projesi Sera Plus, tamamlanıyor. Son katın betonunun dökülmesi ile birilikte projede sona yaklaşıldı. Sera Plus, 3+1 ve 4+1 oda seçenekleri ile toplam 100 daireden oluşma

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12 July 2023

Yeni Projemiz Sera Plus, Beyşehir Caddesi'nde Yükselmeye Başladı!

Şehrin merkezinde bulunan projemiz, 3+1 ve 4+1 oda seçenekleri ile toplam 100 daireden oluşmaktadır.ℹ️Proje Bilgileri;3+1 - 170 m2 - Kapalı Otoparklı4+1 - 223 m2 - Kapalı Çift Otoparklı📍Lokasyon;Beyşehir Caddesi Üzeri, Konya Şeker

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